Saint Joan of Arc

March is Women's History Month! There's no better way to start off a month of celebration than with a spotlight on one of the most powerful women in history, Saint Joan of Arc. 

Saint Joan of Arc is a heroine remembered for her courage and fearless pursuit of her destiny. Born as a peasant girl in 1412, Joan knew from an early age that she was destined for greatness. Around age twelve, she began receiving messages from the Divine, urging her to lead a pious life as the designated savior of France. By eighteen, Joan successfully led the French army in a victory which enabled King Charles VII to be crowned king once more, saving France from English takeover. Joan was at King Charles VII's side and remained an important leader of the French army until her capture and ultimate death. After Joan's death, King Charles VII ordered an investigation that declared Joan of Arc to be officially innocent of all charges and designated a martyr. She was canonized as a Saint on May 16, 1920. 

Gender Equality 

Joan of Arc was a female military leader during a time when women had very little power or influence. Her determination, courage and leadership qualities challenged the societal norms of her time and proved that women were capable of achieving great things.


Joan of Arc’s story is an inspiration to many people around the world. She was a young, uneducated peasant girl who rose to become a national hero and a symbol of French unity. Her unwavering faith, self-belief, and courage in the face of adversity continue to inspire people today.

Symbol of Freedom

Joan of Arc’s story represents a struggle for freedom and independence. She fought for the liberation of France from English rule during the Hundred Years War, and her unwavering devotion to her cause made her a symbol of hope for the French people.

International Icon 

Joan of Arc is recognized internationally as a symbol of bravery and heroism. Her image has been used in literature, film, and other media to represent various aspects of heroism, including determination, courage, and the power of belief.

Overall, Joan of Arc’s story has resonated with people over the centuries, and her legacy as a modern day heroine endures to this day. Celebrate the Saint of Fearless Women with our Saint Joan of Arc Special Edition Candle. Let the fragrance of smooth Jasmine and warm Oud be a reminder that you can go as far as your mind lets you.

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