Prayer to Saint Joan of Arc

Saint Joan of Arc, give me the courage and the fortitude to defeat my fears and give me the strength to fight for what I believe in. Amen.


Saint Joan of Arc

Born a peasant in 1412, Saint Joan of Arc would grow to become known as a protector of determined women. Independent, intelligent and driven by her inner knowledge and sense of doing the right thing, she is remembered as an iconic heroine who was fearless in her pursuit of destiny.

After being chosen to receive messages from the Divine at a young age, she would go on to become France’s greatest savior. At only eighteen years old, she led the French army to a great victory against the English, ensuring that King Charles VII would be crowned king once more. She remained a trusted leader in King Charles VII's army until she was captured in 1430, imprisoned and found guilty of heresy, witchcraft and violating the divine law for dressing like a man. The sentence for these accusations was unforgiving and, despite all her years of leadership and devotion, she was burned at the stake. Following her death, King Charles VII officially declared Jon of Arc retroactively innocent of all charges and bestowed upon her the honor of martyrdom. She was finally canonized as a Saint on May 16, 1920.

Saint Joan of Arc represents fearlessness and a willingness to explore a realm of possibility. She is a reminder to blaze ahead without worry, to trust in ourselves and the divine and to follow the truth in our hearts.

With the strike of a match, let the fragrance of silky Jasmine and warm Oud fill the room. Breathe in the centering notes and allow your heart and soul to be filled with promise that you, too, can go as far as your own destiny.


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