Prayer to Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony, saint of finding love and lost articles, your love for God and empathy for others made you worthy on earth to possess miraculous powers. Help us find the things we love but have lost, including that which is most precious - love itself. I humbly ask of you to help me find [love or name lost article] by whispering this hopeful petition to God. Amen.


Saint Anthony

Born into a family of wealth, Anthony - born Fernando - asked at the age of fifteen to join an Abbey, where he studied theology. After the completion of his studies, he would join the Franciscan Order and adopt the name, Anthony. He felt it was his mission to travel and spread the holy teachings but, upon his first journey out, he fell ill and sought to return home. But the divine had other plans, and his return journey landed him in Italy, where he spent his time praying and was well looked after.

He became known for his homilies and word spread, finding him friendship with Saint Francis. Then, in 1224, a book of psalms he greatly valued was stolen. Anthony prayed deeply for it to return to him and, against all odds, the thief did return the book to Anthony. He died at only thirty-five years of age and, though his body decomposed, his tongue was said to have been perfectly preserved by its perfect teachings.

The legacy of Saint Anthony is one of comfort and reunion, needing a fragrance to match the layered, poetic nature of his life. For the Saint Anthony candle, a strong base of earthy, natural Vetiver allows a warm scent to build, with deep Sandalwood notes and spicy, intriguing hints of Cardamom.


SAINT Candles are made from food grade wax with a soy coconut blend. Each candle comes with a prayer to the patron saint, holy oil as part of the wax, and a prayer coin embedded into the candle.