Prayer to Saint Christopher

Saint Christopher, protector of travelers, watch over me as I journey through the world. Give your warning sign if danger is near so that I might stop and wait for the path to clear. Be at my side and direct me when my vision blurs or when storms threaten the passage. Carry me safely to my destination, as you carried Christ in your close embrace. Amen.


Saint Christopher

Those who wander are blessed, especially under the protection of Saint Christopher. His own journey began in a sinner’s place, desiring to serve the greatest king alive. When he went in service of such a king, he noticed the ruler crossed himself upon hearing the Devil’s name, convincing Christopher that the Devil held more power and leading him to decide to thusly serve the Devil. However, in his travels, he saw the followers of the Devil fear the Christian cross and he realized that God was the ultimate power.

In his divine studies, he once picked up a child to save them from drowning, finding them heavier and heavier as he carried them to safety. He then learned this child represented the weight of the world he would carry with him. After this, Christopher began his travels all over, evangelizing the word of God. Eventually, he would be captured and beheaded for his proselytizing. In the seventh century, his devotion began to be widely recognized and he was considered the "Christ-bearer" and patron saint of travelers

Saint Christopher’s travels took him far and wide, and he carried comfort and warmth with him. His candle is an amalgamation of these journeys, featuring exotic Tonca Bean, warm Vanillin and soothing Musk notes that imbue a sense of wonder, combining traveling curiosity with blessed protection.


SAINT Candles are made from food grade wax with a soy coconut blend. Each candle comes with a prayer to the patron saint, holy oil as part of the wax, and a prayer coin embedded into the candle.