Prayer to Saint Dymphna

Saint Dymphna, saint of stress, anxiety, and mental health, you are a beacon of inner peace and tranquility. I pray that through your kind intercession, God will restore mental health and peace of mind to (your or name a loved one). May you help me know serenity and clarity in my thoughts. Amen.


Saint Dymphna

A beacon of comfort and care in troubled times, Saint Dymphna was born in Ireland in the seventh century and, at the age of fourteen, took a vow of chastity in the name of Christ. Not long after her vow, her mother passed and her father, deeply devoted to and in love with his wife, crumbled, his mental health fast deteriorating in the wake of her loss. He would be persuaded to remarry if he could find a woman as beautiful as his late wife and his twisted advisors, taking advantage of his unstable mental health, would suggest he marry his own daughter.

Dymphna learned of the plot, though, and fled with her confessor, a priest, two servants and the king's fool, hiding in what is now Belgium. There, at age fifteen, Dymphna built a hospital for the poor and sick, but that would attract her father’s notice and he came for her. When she still refused to marry him, he beheaded his own fifteen-year-old daughter and left her to die. Dymphna would be bestowed martyrdom around 620 and became known as the "Lily of Éire,” protector of those suffering from stress and mental health issues.

For a young martyr full of sweetness and comfort, Saint Dymphna’s candle blends rich, tart Cherries with warm, sugary Vanilla and luxe, deep notes of Amber. Light the wick and the world is perfumed with cozy, reassuring fragrances.


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