Islamic Prayer for Protection
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The word Bismillah is an Arabic word meaning "In the name of God." It is recited at anytime, especially to bless and protect. At its roots, Bismillah is a reminder of our relationship to our Creator and to all of his creations. Say "Bismillah" aloud while you light this candle as a blessing for protection.

Escape into an Arabian garden. Bismillah is blessed with the sweet scent of Jasmine and Rose, a sting of Lilies and light notes of Cedar and Sandalwood.

Top Note: Jasmine & Rose
Mid Note: Lily
Base Note: Cedarwood & Sandalwood

This candle includes holy oil as part of the wax

14 oz. (10.5 oz. pour), ~80 hour burn time

Measures 4" H x 3" D

When using the candle for the first time, leave it to burn for 2 or 3 hours, until all the wax has become liquid on the surface.

Regularly cut the wick with the wick trimmer (ideal length 3-5 mm).

Be sure to centre the wick in the wax after each use for consistent consumption of the wax.

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