Saint John the Apostle

Saint of Love, Loyalty, Friendship and Writers
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Prayer to Saint John

Saint John, you were one of Jesus’ most trusted friend and beloved apostles. Your life of friendship, ministry and storytelling inspires us today. We ask for your guidance as we build our own relationship with Jesus, and pray for your inspiration as we try to be more loyal and supportive of others. Grant us the insight to build meaningful connections, mirroring the depth of your friendship with Jesus. Amen.

Top Note: Fig, Black Tea
Mid Note: Iris, Vetiver
Base Note: Sandalwood, Vanilla

Each candle comes with a prayer to the patron saint, holy oil as part of the wax, and a prayer coin embedded into the candle. Before the first lighting, read out loud the prayer to the patron saint, then light the candle. Once the wax has burned all the way down after many uses, remove the coin at the bottom and keep it in your wallet, purse, or car - or bury it in your yard as a way of blessing the entire household.

14 oz. (10.5 oz. pour), ~80 hour burn time

Measures 4" H x 3" D

When using the candle for the first time, leave it to burn for 2 or 3 hours, until all the wax has become liquid on the surface.

Regularly cut the wick with the wick trimmer (ideal length 3-5 mm).

Be sure to centre the wick in the wax after each use for consistent consumption of the wax.

I prodotti SAINT vanno a beneficio del St. Jude Children's Research Hospital per sostenere la loro missione: trovare cure e salvare le vite dei bambini